Mother's day = Mother church day?

Lets go to the history of Mother's Day (MD). Starts around year 1600, Christians honoring Virgin Mary (VM) on every 4th day of lent. Also known as Mothering Sunday (MS). The tradition continued and gradually died. Early 19th century, 2 activists fought to have 1 special day, to honoring motherhood. Story cut short, approved and celebrated on 2nd Sunday of June in US.

Most articles mentioned that MD & MS are 2 different & unrelated celebrations. Tiada hubungkait disitu. Even, certain countries distinguished these 2 celebrations by having : MD and Virgin Mary Day/Bolivian Day.. Some countries prefer to celebrate women's international day instead of MD.

My questions:

1. Does the new official MD fought by the activists purposely to celebrate VM or just motherhood?

2. If MD is MS, why I didn't see any of non-Muslim friends post/share any status or photos that honoring VM during MD?

Some people say that we should celebrating mothers everyday, all day long. (Yes, definitely agree!)..Jangan ada hari tertentu je.. (hurmmm). . However, 1 special day is needed to show extra special appreciation and love. Some people just don't know to show their love or appreciate others, unless being told to do so. 

Instead of pray for their wellbeing everyday after solat or at the time when we suddenly remember them and say 'sayang emak' everyday, why not we have 1 special day to be more extra special than other ordinary day. People won't give u gift everyday, won't show their appreciation to you everyday. Macam perbezaan feeling dapat bunga hari2 dengan dapat bunga setahun sekali. We will feel that the once a year thinggy is more valuable. Kannnnn..

As a conclusion, it just a matter of niat. Niat kita hanya nak buat ibu-ibu extra happy & rasa lebih dihargai. We just want the mothers to have their own special day. Selagi dia masih ada depan mata kita. We can create memorable moments with them. Their happy and suprise faces are worthless..


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